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Since the 11th Five-year Plan, the Central Government has issued a series of policies to encourage the development of new energy electric vehicles. New energy development is listed as the most important thing for the development of the Chinese automobile industry in the 12th Five-year Plan. As part of the nationwide energy-saving and emission-reduction program, new energy electric vehicle is listed among the 7 strategic new industries which are to be accelerated for development, to make the new energy vehicle as the leader for bend overtaking in the world.


In 2008, with the spirit of “Dare to Be the First” and the global view, YOGOMO challenged to the risk which was caused by the American financial crisis, seized the opportunity, and invested 420 million yuan in the programs of closed electric motor tricycles and low-speed electric cars. Hence, YOGOMO has plunged into this sacred green industry of low carbon and environmental protection with immense enthusiasm.


YOGOMO has built up a modernized factory and successfully developed two series of electric motor tricycles and low-speed electric cars pursuant to the standards of passenger cars for over 2 years.


The fully closed type of electric motor tricycles developed by YOGOMO completely renews the traditional design concepts of existing products in the market. A completely new series of electric motor tricycles is created under the car standards and design concepts. The values of “car-class performance with motor price” meet the further requirements of the existing and potential customers, and stimulate and expand the market of fully closed motor tricycles.


The low-speed electric car developed by YOGOMO has made outstanding records in China and worldwide:

1. The first platform specially developed for electric cars in China.

2. Application of initiative lightweight design concept in the world.

       3. The first worldwide series of economical 5-seats low-speed electric cars, which is suitable to mass production.

4. The self-developed entire car with complete independent intellectual property rights and 69 patents.

5. MM design, i.e. minimum car body with maximum internal space.

6. The first platform shared by both motor tricycles and electric cars in the world.

7. Fully new chassis and body integral construction under positive self-development.

       8. Fully new front and back suspension under positive self-development with outstanding operation stability and comfort.


       9. Fully new engine suspension and NVH system under positive self-development with profound vibration and insulation features.

      10. Advanced world-level AC motor driving system individually developed and manufactured.

      11. YOGOMO is the only enterprise in Hebei Province newly established for motor tricycle production under the permission of the Ministry of Industry  and Information Technology of China.

12. The motor tricycle and low-speed electric car enterprise with largest scale of investment in China.


At present, YOGOMO has taken the international orders for 6,300 electric motor tricycles, whilst its low-speed electric car has obtained many certifications such as DOT and EEC. In addition, YOGOMO products have gone on sale in the international markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

In the advanced forum of the 25th World Electric Vehicle Symposium held in Shenzhen in 2011, domestic and abroad experts all believed that the only correct measure for bend overtaking in China is to develop the low-speed electric cars.

The local governments at all levels issued policies to support the development of low-speed electric cars, and these positive messages greatly inspire YOGOMO engaging in the green industry under the Blue Ocean Strategy.

The target of YOGOMO is to produce world-class environment-friendly cars and best electric cars. In the independent innovation and internationalization process, YOGOMO will bear the mission and duty as the leading of the nationwide low-speed electric motor car industry; in addition, YOGOMO will seize the golden opportunity to spare no efforts to ensure its glorious future.



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